Have you ever noticed people who aren’t in relationship and they’re GRUMP AF!?

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What is going on with that? I just like to remain pleasant and friendly no matter what, but if I am exposed to Negative Nancy’s it makes me feel that tension and I do not like that. Yucky. I think in another post I’m going to talk about the love language that I am having a hard time grasping: Words of Affirmation. I don’t really compliment people that much and I feel people who need that are just insecure and immature. (I know, I’m harsh, I’m mean, I have no patience). I am not perfect here. Are there other self-help books to read out there? I am a total slow reader so this will take forever but I guess it’s something for me to do and not play on my phone all day long. Should I delete IG??? I think I spend the most time there. SIGH.


A big role in my “I wonder how our kids would look like?” bedtime thinking session

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I’ve got some thinking about it, and I’ve always had the tendency to idealize people, look at them through the filters of my eyes and kind of refusing to see them for who they really are. And even when I do, I still have this even bigger tendency to think that I can “fix” them and turn them into what I think a “good person” should be.