I’ll get to know you to see if there’s potential for us and i want us to be on the same page

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Never allow for routine and boredom to trap you. Maintain your looks, femininity and beauty and always look the same as the day you two met, if not better. Chances are if he wanna show you off everywhere and consider you a walking miracle, then you probably are the entire package to him. You probably ticked most of the boxes physically and completed that with your personality and mind. That’s why he want you to keep you forever and show you to his loved ones. He wants to show them your visual beauty, femininity and lastly your charming personality.


Can someone please tell me what the fuck question that is?

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I told him he was beautiful (which I still do and always will think he is) to his response of “really?”… ahh hit it where it hurts man, I froth over humble dudes – that shit truly is sexy.