I am trying to figure out if having a relationship is even worth the effort

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Before I met this person, I knew exactly what I wanted. And still do! I keep questioning myself if this is really worth it. Do I continue this path? Or do I continue to go forward? It is not something you can ask someone else for the answers. We all have choices in life, and some are more complicated than others. My personal life choices have left me rather hard and scared of certain things. That is how I see relationships.


I thought the aim of the game was to find someone who was as much like me as possible

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When we met, it was in that classic scenario of a loud party with lots of alcohol. At that point, our shared interests, favourite books and hopes for the future didn’t really come up, funnily enough. Introduced (match-made, in fact) by a mutual friend, we flirted, we kissed, we shared a taxi home because we lived near each other. Then I woke up the next morning to a text asking me out for a drink.