Kind of in line with learning about myself, I want to explore and maybe even meet new people

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There are these things called dating apps that I have avoided like the plague for much of college … maybe I can do something about that.

Have you ever noticed people who aren’t in relationship and they’re GRUMP AF!?

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What is going on with that? I just like to remain pleasant and friendly no matter what, but if I am exposed to Negative Nancy’s it makes me feel that tension and I do not like that. Yucky. I think in another post I’m going to talk about the love language that I am having a hard time grasping: Words of Affirmation. I don’t really compliment people that much and I feel people who need that are just insecure and immature. (I know, I’m harsh, I’m mean, I have no patience). I am not perfect here. Are there other self-help books to read out there? I am a total slow reader so this will take forever but I guess it’s something for me to do and not play on my phone all day long. Should I delete IG??? I think I spend the most time there. SIGH.