This last year has been me trying to get over him

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And now, it’s about me trying to be the best version of myself in and out of my dating life. It’s about focusing on myself, finding love, finding happiness, and laughing at my mishaps along the way.

I do hope we still get to meet up after this

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And I do look forward with how our interaction will be like. Are we going to connect when we meet or are you just doing this full 100% physical only business when we’re together in person? I shall find out if we do meet up. BTW! I hope we still do meet up because remember what you requested for me to buy? It’s already here and waiting for you so please, I’m looking forward to it. *wink*

If the person doesn’t – show interest – communicate – follow through – value my time – pique my curiosity – be consistent – show investment – possess integrity, maturity and self-control … I DON’T WANT THAT ONE

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I don’t want just “any guy.” I’m holding out for the relationship I deserve with the man I want.