Can someone please tell me what the fuck question that is?

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I told him he was beautiful (which I still do and always will think he is) to his response of “really?”… ahh hit it where it hurts man, I froth over humble dudes – that shit truly is sexy.

He pulled it off wanting a raw round

I’m still in a slight discomfort from the shenanigans that happened 3 DAYS AGO! I don’t know if I must get antibiotics but the issue is that you don’t want to do that when there isn’t an imbalance of the flora down there. What happens is that everything is wiped out, good and bad, then one nasty bug will find an empty house and take over with their dirty nasty cousins and then bigger problems arise. Another ‘issue’ is that I don’t like being fingered, I just let it happen. I’m a microbiologist so I sit there and name all the bacteria that’s getting acquainted

Sexcapade number 1! | Oh Larney! (